These Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are designed to provide a better understanding of

How are courses created?

Think of courses like a collection of pages in a multi media book (eg. Images, text, video or flash). Each course in BlinkThat can contain any number of sections and each section can contain any number of pages. The courses can be as simple or as dynamic as you want them to be. Creating courses is quick and simple thanks to our 'click and change' unique content management system.

Who can I deliver my courses to?

Anyone you want. Teach kids, teach adults, teach your employees, teach a stranger, teach your dog...well sure he has to learn how to operate a mouse first but hey why not! Just send someone a password to your course and they will be ready to start learning what you have to share.

Can you test the people who take a course in BlinkThat?

Yes, we use a proven testing method which ensures every learner can prove they know the information you are trying to teach them. Also if you don't need to test a learner you can simply turn a test function off for each course or any section or any's quick, it's simple and it's all within your control.

Can I issue a certificate of achievement to a learner?

BlinkThat does this automatically when a learner completes a course. Just create and deliver your course and BlinkThat does the rest!

Is BlinkThat completely free?

Yes and no. Points are the currency inside BlinkThat and depending on how you need to use the system determines how many points you will need. When you first register and on each anniversary of your registration you will be issued with 1000 points which are yours completely free. These points are enough for you to create a few courses and deliver them to say 50 people. If you need to use the system more or would like to purchase an app, points can be purchased or earned for free in a variety of ways.

How do you earn points?

Points can be earned in many ways such as simply logging into the system, reviewing an app, writing a course (and having it approved) for the store, inviting another person to use BlinkThat, contributing to our BlinkThat forum and so on.

Can anyone use BlinkThat?

At present BlinkThat is limited to invitation only. If you would like to be invited to use BlinkThat you can apply here.

Who is the creator of BlinkThat?

Rapid Global is the creator and owner of BlinkThat. We are also the creators of Rapid Induct...A highly developed online learning system for OHS induction training used by clients such as McDonalds, Ford Motor Company, Boeing, Kraft and many more across the globe. We have used our vast experience in online learning to bring you a free, exciting and new system where you can create, share, teach and learn. Let your imagination run free!

Can I make money through BlinkThat?

Yes. Coming soon is an app that will allow you to earn money by either using BlinkThat as your own personal training center where you can charge learners for your courses or by contributing to our store and creating courses others can buy! Sounds exciting right and it's coming soon!